I work full-time. Can I still work for you?

We have several paraplanners who are experts in their field and are looking to do work on the weekend or at night during the week.

We've put in place a few systems to help you work on the side:

  • Secure workspacess with chat and comment functionality. These ensure that you can answer messages when you have free time and no be "on call".
  • Listings. When you list your services on our site, you also have the option to unpublish your listings whilst you got on holiday or need time off.
  • Anonymity. By setting up your listing with your first name and a business name, you can list your services whilst retaining a large part of your anonymity.

If you have further questions about working whilst in full-time employment (including being a mum or dad at home), contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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