How It Works

For employers, ordering a task is simple.

  1. Start a trial
  2. Receive a phone call or email with further details (confidentiality agreements are signed here)
  3. Receive an invite to a secure workspace to collaborate with your paraplanner
  4. Upload SoA Requests
  5. Receive the completed work
  6. Rate your paraplanner
  7. Request ongoing work using our project management system

For paraplanners, completing SoAs is simple.

  1. Register your details on our site
  2. Be contacted when a contract becomes available that suits your skills, experience and availability.
  3. Sign Confidentiality and Working Agreements
  4. Receive SoA requests via our site.
  5. Complete the SoA within the stated timeframe & send the completed work
  6. Receive payment after the employer is satisfied with the completed work
  7. Await your next task request or custom work request

We have experience working for almost all the major dealer groups (see our comprehensive list). 

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