Statement of Advice Templates

We have had many requests for a Statement of Advice template that is similar to the ASIC Sample Statement of Advice document, the FPA Sample Statement of Advice template as well as templates to suit each software platform.

Through our extensive network of paraplanners, we are able to offer coded Statement of Advice templates, customised to suit your needs. Contact us to let us know your specific requirements.

We are also working to offer as many financial planning template resources as possible to advisers who are using our contract paraplanning service. We have outlined below the templates that we have produced.

Back Office Forms

Information Release forms, Data Collection Forms, Super Fund Information Request Forms, Transfer of Servicing Rights and Fax Cover Sheets.

Financial Planning File Notes

File note templates to assist you in collecting the right amount of information from the first meeting through to review appointments.

Record of Advice (RoA) Templates

RoA templates to ensure your actions are documented appropriately. Highlighting different customised scenarios to save you hours each month.

Strategy Text Wording

Are you looking for the right wording when recommending a SMSF? Did you remember to highlight the relevant risks when recommending property? Are all the features of your client’s current insurance policy noted correctly? We have prepared a growing database of financial planning strategy text documents to suit each individual strategy.

  • Word Statement of Advice Templates
  • Xplan Statement of Advice Templates
  • COIN Statement of Advice Templates
  • Midwinter Statement of Advice Templates

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