Who Does What? My Adviser Asked Me To Wash His Car

OK, this may not have been asked but it does help to know who does what in the adviser to Paraplanner.com.au to contract paraplanner relationship.


  • Prepare SoA request
  • Prepare Fact Find
  • Obtain basic information on client funds
  • Ensure sufficient information is provided
  • Enable software access (if applicable)
  • Prepare insurance needs analysis
  • Prepare insurance quotes

Contract Paraplanner (you)

  • Prepare SoA using manual template or software within 5 business days
  • Ask questions to advisers regarding SoA requests within 48 hours
  • Respond to email notifications within 2 hours
  • Complete financial modelling (as required)
  • Obtain financial product profiles (as required)
  • Phone call to adviser re strategy or feedback (as required)
  • Replacement product information
  • Invoice Paraplanner.com.au


  • Email contact with adviser
  • Project updates
  • Project management
  • Ongoing work generation
  • Invoice adviser & follow-up payment

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