Do We Get Our Own Paraplanner?

It is common within the financial planning industry to have a paraplanning process as follows:

  1. Adviser sends SoA Request to a central location
  2. The SoA request is allocated to the next available paraplanner (who may or may not have worked for that adviser before)
  3. Any questions are filtered through a central call centre before being answered by the assigned paraplanner
  4. SoAs have the additional administration costs factored in to each invoice

Our process allows for a faster, lower-cost, more customised service and is as follows:

  1. Advisers are allocated a single paraplanner (or multiple paraplanners for larger contracts)
  2. Your assigned paraplanner collaborates with you in your secure, online workroom via Comments, Chat messages, Conference Calls or Video Chat.
  3. SoA costs are reduced to close to 50% of comparable services

From over 10 years of operation we have found that having a dedicated paraplanner ensures better quality Statement of Advice documents and more personalised service.

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