Podio Mentioning ( @ mentions)

Mentioning individuals

You can use mentions to alert specific people to something in Podio. Just start typing @Gustav and a list will auto-search for all the people named Gustav.

Then click the name of the person you'd like to mention or press enter to mention them. If the person is not a member of the specific workspace in which you're mentioning them, you'll get a question if you'd like to invite them. Or, if you mention someone on an app item and they don't already have access, then they will get access to that single item automatically. (Read more about item share.)


You don't have to mention someone who's already following an item, so if someone has commented on the item before or if they're in any way following the item, they will already be notified that you added a comment to that item.

Mentioning all members of a workspace

You can also mention everyone in a specific workspace. Just start typing @[workspacename] and you will mention everyone who's a member of the workspace. This could be good to alert everyone to something that has happened.

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