Using Podio Video Chat

Personally, I use video on Podio to have a quick talk with colleagues if I am not on-site or when I have weekly meetings with team colleagues. It only takes a few clicks to get started. Here is a guide:

1. Start the video conversation from the chat panel or from a current conversation in Podio. Learn about using chat / messages here.

From the chat window, click the small grey video camera to start the conversation using video and the small grey telephone icon to start using audio only.


2. If this is your first time using video chat, you will need to download a small plugin before the chat can begin. Click to install the plugin, then find the downloaded file in your default download location on your computer (or hit Ctrl+J on your keyboard to open up your recent downloads).

Wait a minute or two for the plugin to be installed, and then the video chat should automatically launch. You might need to wait a minute or two until your colleague has downloaded the plugin. Next time you start video it will launch straight away, without any wait.

This is how the screen will appear while the other participant connects:


3. During a video call you will be able to chat with your colleague from the chat panel on the right side. You can share files from here as well, via the attachment icon at the bottom of the chat panel. You can decide to turn off the video, sound, or the chat panel via the settings in the top.


If you experience problems using video on Podio, please contact us here and we can assist.

Please note that we support the web browsers found on this page.

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