Podio and Google Drive

Google Drive is a file-sharing solution for collaborative, web-based document sharing and editing.

Podio integrates and lets you share documents and files from Google Drive.

IMPORTANT: when you share a document from Google Drive in Podio, if the document is private so that other people cannot see it, you will need to choose your preferred privacy permission in Podio as well. You can choose to either share the document to the entire space - or to preserve the current permission from Google.

Setting up Google Drive in Podio

First, click to add a file to something. Either click the paperclip icon just below the status bar, the "Add files" button in an app item or the "Attach file" button in a task.

Then click to add file service (see below).


Choose Google in the next screen, follow the instructions to login and connect to your Google account, and then you'll be able to browse your files on Google Drive.

We've also made a video on how to set up Google for Podio:

Please note! If you are not able to see your files it might be that your Google Administrator haven't allowed files from Google Drive. You will need your Administrator to enable Google Drive to make it work in Podio.

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