Podio - Step by Step

Welcome aboard!

Let's get started on how to learn the basics of Podio in under 10 minutes.

The first message that you'll receive from us regarding Podio is an email titled "Please join my workspace on Podio".

Click on "Join now" and you'll be taken to the login screen on Podio.

Add your full name and create a password. Your sign-up is now complete. Now we'll have a look at your customised workspace.

Following a two-step mini tour, you'll have access to your workspace (we recommend you bookmark this page).

We have highlighted above some useful sections.

Upload your SoAs via your webform (we recommend you bookmark this page), check out help articles (link here) and chat with your paraplanner.

In the main workspace page, you can click on the above apps to see progress of your SoAs and add standards documents for SoA production (such as custom pricing pages, additional services pages, logos etc).

By clicking on the SoA app tab, you also have another option of uploading SoA requests.

Finally, you will have received a welcome email with your login details.

Should you need to login again, visit www.podio.com/login.

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