Podio Structure

Learning the structure of Podio and how to works – this is the key to getting the most out of Podio as quickly as possible.

Here are our two top tips for getting the best start with Podio:

1. Take a Guided Tour – see what you can do with Podio and how a complete Podio set up works. [We recommend watching the video in full screen]

2. Learn the Structure – see how work is organized in Podio.

An item could be a project, a sales lead, a meeting or whatever you choose. Think of items like living, social documents.

Apps create items and organize them to give you an overview of work. The structure of an app will determine the items you create with it – for example, a Projects app enables you to create project items.

Workspaces contain apps and bring together a specific group of people to collaborate with them. Activity streams display the progress of work done in the apps and enables teams to communicate transparently. Workspace members have access to all of the apps and app items in that workspace. You can also share individual app items with people outside the workspace. This enables you to share specific items without giving someone access to your entire workspace.

An organization contains your company's workspaces and connects all employees in an Employee Network. You can be a member of a workspaces that belongs to another organization than your own – for example, if you're invited to work on a project with a client and they're running the project in one of their workspaces.

We hope these two tips help you get the most out of Podio and enable you to collaborate more efficiently than ever before. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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