Assigning Tasks Directly in Podio

Tasks in Podio can be used for quick "to-do"s for you and your team members. A task can be created and assigned from any workspace, app, or app item. This gives you a quick and easy way to allocate specific action items to members of your team.

You can access your own tasks via the tasks icon in the top blue bar.

There are a couple of ways to create tasks in Podio:

  • Hit 'T' on your keyboard from anywhere to create a task linked to the item/page that you're looking at
  • Click the task icon in the top blue bar (shown above). This is also a complete overview of your existing tasks, tasks you delegated, and tasks you are working on.
  • You can create a task via email - hit the "Create a task from email" link in right side of your tasks page.
  • You can give a task to someone on Podio by going to their profile page and adding it from there.
  • On any app item in Podio e.g. a deliverable or a meeting, just press the task icon in the right side bar to create a task. It will be attached to the item.
  • On a workspace, press the task icon, and start creating tasks for that particular group of people.
  • If you've added the Podio Google Gadget you can create tasks right out of your emails in your Google Apps Gmail inbox.

If you want to create a task from your email that is directly related to a workspace, follow these steps:

  • Click on "[workspace name] tasks" in right side of the activity stream of a workspace.
  • Here you find a link called "Create task from email".
  • Use this address to create tasks related to the specific workspace by sending an email.

When creating a task, you can assign the task to anyone. This includes people who haven't signed up for Podio yet - see this article for information on assigning tasks to others.

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