Podio Glossary

This is a list of common words used in Podio.

Podio Activity stream

The activity stream gathers things that happen in your Podio organization(s). There are a few different activity streams:

  • Your Podio home page shows your overall activity stream across all workspaces. This is accessible via the PODIO logo in the upper left corner of any page.
  • The Activity page of a workspace
  • On any app, by changing the layout of your app to the Stream Layout.

You can filter the activity stream from the Home page by mousing over the update, click the "x" in the top right corner of the update and select if you'd like to Hide items from the workspace or the app that produced the update.

Podio Apps

Apps are the core part of Podio. Apps can be built and used by any person using Podio.

Podio Calendar

The calendar gathers items from the apps and tasks with date fields and collects them in one view. Calendars exist on different levels in Podio: You can see your personal calendar in the top blue bar menu, and the workspace calendar if you click "WORKSPACENAME Calendar" from the right side of the Activity page of a workspace.

Podio Chat

You can chat with your contacts that are on Podio. Read more and see how!

Podio Comments

A comment can be added to almost anything in Podio. Click "Comment" to add a new comment to an item, a task, a status update, an action message in the stream, etc. Comments are a great way of discussing things in Podio.

Pro Tip: If you'd like to see exactly when a comment is posted, mouse over the "2 days ago"-style text and you'll see an exact timestamp.

Podio Contacts

Contacts are used as digital business cards in Podio, and you can reference them in an app using the "Contact" building block in your apps. Contacts can be added to the workspaces and are then added to your workspace contacts.

Podio Like

You can like items and comments in Podio. Clicking the little heart icon is a way of appreciating someone else's work or an update. If you like more of your co-workers' stuff on Podio, you will also be smarter, happier and better looking (we promise).

Podio Notifications

When something happens in Podio that you're involved in or that you're following, you can get notifications. The number of notifications that you've received is shown in the little green circle next to the notifications icon in the top blue bar of Podio.

Push notifications

These are regular notifications that get pushed to your Android or iPhone. Both Android and iPhone devices have settings for enabling or disabling push notifications, and you can control the types of push notifications you receive. We've also added a smart function which doesn't send you any push notifications during the night (based on your time zone settings).

Podio Workspace

This is the place you work in Podio. You can create workspaces that are private or public, and invite co-workers to work with you. A workspace can be a space for the Marketing Team or a place to manage a large project. Within the workspace you can install and build apps to structure your work.

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If you have any questions about Podio terms, contact us.

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